Keeping Faith While in Doubt

You are a Muslim and have full faith in Islam. However, you feel that there are unanswered questions on some part of your faith. You start to wonder, are these doubts about your faith normal? Does it make you a lesser Muslim or worse still, turn you into a disbeliever?

Join us in this retreat with moderator and emcee, Ustaz Aiman Abd Khalid as we explore:

1. The nature of doubt as described in the Quran.
2. Muslims permissibility to question their faith.
3. Address potential sources that leads to doubts and ways to avoid them.
4. The question on whether doubt will lead to disbelief.

“Questioning Your Faith and The Nature of Doubt”

Speaker 1: Ustazah Liyana Musfirah

In the first session Ustazah Liyana will address the human’s nature to question and that questioning can lead to deeper understanding of something. This can be related to how the Prophet s.a.w entertained the questions of the companions which clears their doubts and have a stronger commitment to the faith.

“Will Doubt Lead to Disbelief?”

Speaker 2: Ustaz Irwan Hadi Mohd Shuhaimy

In the second session of the night, Ustaz Irwan will touch on sources of doubt and some ways to avoid them. Some of us are going through this experience of having doubts. How can we distance ourselves even further away from seeking learned help. Is there help available for us to clarify our doubts?

He will address some of the potential sources of doubt for contemporary Muslims from various aspects such as moral, social concerns, philosophical and scientific concerns as well as personal trauma which may sometimes lead to a person's doubting their faith.

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Fri Mar 1, 2019
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